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sub SetCheckBox { #$name $value, [$formname $action]

Description: Sets a Check Box on or off.

How To:

Find the check box name in your html with View Source:


<B>Specify your music preferences (check all that apply):</B>
<BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_rnb" CHECKED> R&B
<BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_jazz" CHECKED> Jazz
<BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_blues" CHECKED> Blues
<BR><INPUT TYPE="checkbox" NAME="musicpref_newage" CHECKED> New Age

If you want to click on the Jazz checkbox


Use the value 1 for checking the check box and the value 0 for unchecking the check box.
$formname is optional and is used when you have more than one checkbox with the same name in different forms
$action is optional and is used to fire a javascript event when the check box is selected or deselected

Cookbook recipe

use Win32::OLE;
use Win32::SAM;
#use Win32::Slingshot;

$| = 1;
my $URL = "";
my $seconds;

$Win32::OLE::Warn = 3;

$seconds = Navigate($URL);
print "Checkbox.html page took $seconds seconds to load\n";
little samie