little samie

sub logtofile {#$message, $type

Description: Lets you log your samie output to a text file named test.log.

How To:

Call the subroutine logtofile inside your samie scripts.


logtofile("Hello Samie")

logtofile("Hello Samie","write")

logtofile("Hello Samie","append")

Cookbook recipe

use Win32::OLE;
use Win32::SAM;
#use Win32::Slingshot;
$| = 1; my $URL = ""; my $seconds;
$Win32::OLE::Warn = 3;
StartIE(); $seconds = Navigate($URL); print "Checkbox.html page took $seconds seconds to load\n"; logtofile("This is a test\n","write"); logtofile("Checkbox.html page took $seconds seconds to load\n"); ClickCheckBox("bike");
Further Notes:

The optional $type parameter has two options:
1) "write" tells samie to delete the test.log file before writing to it.
2) "append" tells samie to add to the test.log file.
If the $type parameter is omitted, samie defaults to "append".

little samie